PARIS: A majority of French consumers are opposed to targeted online advertising, a new study has found.

Based on a survey of 36,000 people, ETO and Market Audit revealed 70% of participants are against brands utilising tracking data to send them personalised communications.

More specifically, 73% would not like companies monitoring search terms they had entered on Google to create bespoke messages, and 79% held the same view regarding potential analysis of their browsing on Facebook.

The report noted that certain tailored ad formats have long formed part of Google's model, simply by showing ads related to enquiries.

Elsewhere, 78% of contributors said they had no interest in receiving deals on mobile phones via geo-location services.

Peter Van Vliet, of Market Audit, suggested the widespread mistrust of new digital marketing tools was highly evident.

"Interviewees fear the misuse of data left on the web and resent the possibilities offered by technology," he said.

"This feeling is reinforced by the natural fear of not being sufficiently protected by law: only 27% of respondents feel safe."

Data sourced from AFP; additional content by Warc staff