Visible World is not just the shape of things to come -- for many Americans it's the shape of things here and now!

Among the nation's top ten cable networks, 'addressable TV advertising' -- branded as Visible World -- is the flavor of the month, thanks to new technology linking database marketing to the power of television.

Pioneered by leading online florist, the technique was piloted in New York last Mothers' Day to apply three different creative treatments according to viewers' demographics. The ad came in three versions, respectively targeted at different income levels: Below Average / Average / Above Average.

Controlled by a central customer database, the system segments viewers by a marketer's required demographics, then automatically inserts different versions of an ad for that segment. The technology is another example of the interactive capabilities now spreading across the nation's cable TV distribution networks.

Visible World is backed by such top-tier agency players as WPP Group and Grey Global Group, whose Intellispot system creates and delivers TV ads that change both message and creative treatment.

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