SAN FRANCISCO: Smartphones outperformed tablets for driving traffic to over 100 online retailers that use the customer network of MarketLive, the e-commerce software provider, but tablets proved to be better at converting visits to sales.

Online sales among MarketLive clients increased 19.4% year-on-year in Q2 2014 and smartphones accounted for almost a quarter (24.1%) of online visits, MediaPost reported, but conversion rates were three times higher on a tablet (at 2% versus 0.67%).

In further detail provided by MarketingCharts, other key comparisons between the two devices showed that tablets had a much higher add-to-cart rate of 11.5% compared with 4.9% on smartphones.

Smartphones also had a higher cart abandonment rate of 88% (versus 77% on tablets) and a checkout abandonment rate of 69% (versus 45% on tablets).

Significantly, the desktop PC continued to outperform both devices in terms of revenue – even though it generated 60.6% of traffic for the quarter, it accounted for four-fifths (80.6%) of revenue. Desktop also had a conversion rate of 2.22%.

Meanwhile, tablets accounted for 12.7% of revenue and smartphones for 6.7%, the report added.

In other findings, the checkout abandonment rate averaged 43%, up 3% since Q2 2013, although the average add-to-cart rate improved, rising 3.6% since last year to 8.2%. The average conversation rate also rose to 2.48%, up 4.7% year-on-year.

The news comes after a global study from Covario, a content marketing firm, revealed earlier this month that mobile search spend growth recorded 98% year-on-year growth in Q2 2014, including 31% growth in the Americas region.

Data sourced from MediaPost, MarketingCharts; additional content by Warc