BERLIN: Tablet users in Germany are more receptive to advertising than their counterparts using smartphones, figures from Nielsen show.

According to the insights provider, 36% of people owning a gadget such as the iPad or Kindle Fire agreed advertising via this channel was "acceptable", falling to 26% for smartphones.

Moreover, ads on tablets were generally more memorable, as 38% of device users recalled seeing such messages around once a day, again standing at just 26% for smartphones.

Elsewhere, 23% of tablet users had clicked on an ad during the last three months, similarly ahead of the smartphone audience, posting 19% on this metric.

Additionally, 10% of the former group had made a purchase as a result of being exposed to marketing activity on their slate, as was the case for 8% of the latter cohort.

In keeping with the broader figures, 19% of owners had utilised their tablet to obtain more information about products they had seen featured in TV commercials, versus 15% of smartphone users.

Another trend observable in the market was that of "dual screening", as 47% of tablet owners deployed these appliances during ad breaks on television "several times a week".

"This is both good and bad for advertisers," René Bellack, of Nielsen's telecoms practice, said, as it may allow brands to reach shoppers, or cause their ads to be ignored.

At present, tablet uptake is about a fifth of that recorded by smartphones in Germany, but Nielsen's figures suggested that gap is starting to close, Bellack added.

Data sourced from Nielsen; additional content by Warc staff