LONDON: Global tablet usage in the first quarter of 2013 was up 282% on the same period in 2011, while the number of consumers using their mobiles to go online increased 60% over the same period, a new report has claimed.

The GlobalWebIndex Stream Device report for the first quarter of 2013, which covers 31 markets around the world, also found that tablet users were more likely to be middle aged and male, while smartphone owners were younger and more evenly divided between men and women.

Tablet users were also most likely to consume online content and be more active online in general via their devices.

The top five activities undertaken by tablet owners were checking the weather online (67%), watching video clips (65%), using webmail (64%), checking information on music, leisure or entertainment (63%) and using a social networking service (60%).

Compared to the average global internet user, tablet owners were 57% more likely to keep up with the latest fashions and 55% more likely to say that their favourite brand plays an integral part of their online life.

In addition, GWI said they were 43% more likely to share information with family and friends about new products and services.

Android was the most successful operating system, and claimed 156m users in Q1 compared to the 122m of the iPad. GWI forecast that, on current trends, Android would account for almost 70% of all tablet users by 2016.

Together, these two operating systems currently account for over 75% of tablet usage around the world. Windows 8, despite its heavily publicised launch, counted just 9.6m users in the first quarter.

Data sourced from GlobalWebIndex; additional content by Warc staff