BERLIN: Tablet sales are set to rise by more than half in Germany this year, surpassing 3m units overall, a new forecast has predicted.

BITKOM, the digital trade body, reported that purchase levels for these devices are likely to stand at 3.2m in 2012, a 52% expansion from the 2.1m gadgets bought in 2011.

Only 800k tablets were acquired by German consumers in 2010, indicating the rapid speed at which the market has grown.

In value terms, the sector should yield revenues of €1.6bn this year. Such a total can be compared with €1.1bn in the previous 12 months and €500m two years ago.

Although these projections were stronger than the €1.3bn which BITKOM predicted earlier in 2012, the average price of a tablet is still pegged to decline from €524 to €500 on an annual basis.

Apple's iPad holds around 60% of the market at present, ahead of alternatives powered by Google's Android operating system, on approximately 33%.

The launch of Microsoft's Surface device, and the introduction of low-cost offerings from a range of other providers, should help stimulate demand, the study said, while also fuelling competition.

More broadly, the growing popularity of tablets could hit the notebook segment, where sales are due to fall by 2.2% to €3.9bn in 2012, figures reaching 0.7% and €2.4bn for the desktop PC category.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff