BERLIN: Tablet sales are due to rise by almost a third in Germany this year, part of a broader trend towards the use of emerging digital tools and media by consumers in the country.

BITKOM, the trade body, predicted some 2.7m tablets will be purchased by German shoppers in 2012, a 29% increase on an annual basis.

This equates to €1.3bn in value terms, a 19% lift on the same metric, as prices come down and lower-cost tablets become available.

When combined with the rapid expansion of the smartphone market, BITKOM suggested such a process should fuel the uptake of mobile media, but negatively impact MP3 players and video cameras, which are being replaced by these gadgets.

It also forecast that 5m internet-connected "smart TVs" could be sold in 2012, a 35% improvement compared with 2011.

Elsewhere, the organisation revealed the average member of the online video audience watched this type of content for 50 minutes a day in October 2011, up from 34 minutes a year earlier.

Looking further ahead, BITKOM argued the remote control would be "obsolete" in a few years, as apps, motion-sensor and voice-activated alternatives become the norm.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff