NEW YORK: An increasing number of consumers in the US regard television as their "favourite" form of media, research from Deloitte has found.

Based on a poll of 2,047 adults, the consultancy's annual State of the Media Democracy study reported that 34% of Americans rated TV as their preferred medium, up by 7% year-on-year.

Online was in second place, followed by music and books, with a majority of people describing each of these channels as being a cheap alternative to a night out.

The typical consumer spends 17.8 hours watching TV a week, an uptick of two hours on an annual basis, with 71% of the panel placing this activity among their top reasons for using any form of media.

Ed Moran, director of insights and innovation at Deloitte, said "Americans still love TV content and love their TV sets in their living rooms."

Some 61% of respondents like to view programmes "live" instead of playing them back on devices such as DVRs, a total that has fallen from 71% in 2008.

By contrast, 21% of contributors stated a preference for "time-shifting" this material, a climb from 19%.

Around 4% of the sample opted for free, online video-on-demand services such as Hulu as their primary method of accessing broadcast content, with DVD and Blu-ray discs, and VOD TV platforms, recording similar figures.
Television is also regarded as the most effective advertising medium by 83% of participants, ahead of magazines, on 50%.

The web, press and radio made up the top five, followed, in turn, by outdoor, DVDs, mobile and video games.

Data sourced from AdWeek; additional content by Warc staff