PARIS: Young consumers in France are now leveraging a variety of methods to access broadcast content, a report has argued.

Médiametrie revealed that 15-24 year olds in the country are increasingly adopting usage habits broadly matching the definition of "anytime, anywhere, any device".

Some 90% of individuals in this group access broadcast TV content outside the linear context, as do two-thirds of people of all ages.

Nearly 25% of this audience used more than one other medium to stream such material, a figure that compares with 8% of the population as a whole.

Around 16%, or 1.2m, young viewers had recorded shows through a PVR, and 52.9%, equivalent to 4m people, used online catch-up services.

The typical young consumer spent 14 minutes a day utilising video-on-demand TV platforms on a PC last year, measured against four minutes for the average adult.

When it comes to live TV, the traditional method is still by far the preferred medium, but computers are a "second screen" for 15-24 year olds, a third of which had watched in real time via this route.

Penetration hit 13% on the same metric regarding mobile phones, a score that reached just half this amount during a parallel study in 2010.

Overall, the normal daily linear TV viewing period last year stood at one hour 50 minutes for the youthful audience, well behind the 3 hours 32 minutes registered across the entire population.

Data sourced from Médiametrie; additional content by Warc staff