LONDON: Consumers will increasingly use their mobile social media accounts to interact with TV shows in future, a new report has suggested.

According to researchers at the Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), a growing "Social Participation TV" trend means that 40% of mobile users already "multi-task" - using their phone while watching TV.

Interactive events conducted via Facebook are also predicted by MIG to generate £32 million (€36 million, $52 million) in the UK by 2012.

Already, Facebook mobile accounts for some 350 million users globally. By 2016, this should equate to revenues of £1.8 billion (€2.05 billion, $2.9 billion) worldwide, MIG indicated.

More generally, the white paper suggested that growing smartphone adoption will increase "mobile multi-tasking" in the UK and US, and that mobile behaviour will trend towards interacting with social media rather than calling and texting.

At weekends and in the evenings during peak TV scheduling periods mobile activity tends to increase at the expense of online browsing. 

Barry Houlihan, MIG CEO, said: "The mobile device is ingrained in our daily lives, and is rapidly becoming a core component in the ability to create an interaction between the viewer and the TV."

Data sourced from Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) and 1stangel Arts Magazine; additional content by Warc staff