DALLAS: Three-quarters of smartphone and tablet users who used a TV-content app in the first quarter of 2013 have expressed satisfaction with the experience, according to new research.

Parks Associates, the consultancy specialising in emerging consumer technology products and services, found that 14% of smartphone and tablet owners used a TV-related app over the period with 75% saying they were pleased with the products.

The latest round of TV-content apps proved particularly attractive to the Millennial generation, which Parks Associates identifies as a generation accustomed to consuming content on multiple devices.

Brett Sappington, the comapny's Director of Research, said the latest round of apps were being provided by content providers rather than satellite and cable TV companies.

He said: "They want to increase viewer loyalty to their shows and enhance the viewing experience with second-screen activities, and it is working, especially among Millennials."

The analysis of TV channel and network app users found that most apps were used to watch videos related to a particular TV programme or channel followed by those that provided more information. The ability to check broadcast times and dates emerged as the third most popular use.

Other uses included playing games, reading user comments about a show, making comments about a show, and shopping for merchandise or music related to the show.

Sappington said TV companies are experimenting with several approaches to TV-related apps for mobile devices and some are already noticing several benefits. He identified these as including greater viewer immersion, new aspects to storytelling and appealing to viewers beyond the 'broadcast window'.

He also explained that the most important implication may be for advertising. "As consumers increasingly tune into mobile devices during commercial breaks, these apps provide a way to keep viewer attention," he said.

Data sourced from Park Associates; additional content by Warc staff