LONDON: Research funded by UK TV industry body Thinkbox and the Internet Advertising Bureau claims that campaigns combining the [hitherto] rival media can deliver up to 50% increase in positive brand perception, plus a "significant increase" in purchase probability. 

The joint survey concludes that using TV and online together in ad campaigns is significantly more effective for advertisers than using either in isolation. Combined use, claim the study's proponents, produces major benefits for advertisers.

The research focuses specifically on 'digital consumers' – those owning a digital TV set and who use broadband internet - and are medium to heavy users of each.

Because the study focuses on the most 'tech-savvy' of the UK population – around 25% of the total – the survey's results are claimed to provide an indication of how future media consumption and consumer behaviour may develop.

In terms of their precise media usage, 64% of the sample stated that they "sometimes watch TV while using the internet", whilst 48% stated that they did this "most days". 

Other of the study's key findings ...

  • Using TV and online together results in 47% more positivity about a brand than using either in isolation
  • The likelihood of buying or using a product increases by more than 50% when TV and online are used together
  • 48% of the sample group watched broadcast TV while online, most days
  • Two thirds of this group have watched TV via online providers, primarily as a way to catch-up with broadcast TV and mainly from TV broadcasters' websites
  • Both TV and the internet are used for entertainment (TV 80%; online 56%) and both have a significant influence on driving purchase (75% and 52%).
The findings reinforce the need to ensure creative synergy between TV and online advertising and identify best practice for better effectiveness, which requires more than simply putting TV ads online

Comments Thinkbox ceo Tess Alps: "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. TV benefits from the way online offers a means of expressing and exploring the desires and motivation TV creates.

"Online usage is not displacing TV viewing and it is time to celebrate the complementarity of these two most powerful digital media."

Data sourced from Thinkbox; additional content by WARC staff