BERLIN: Television is the main advertising channel through which consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland discover information about brands.

A report from Marketagent indicates that 50.7% of 14 to 65-year-olds in the three nations feel that TV plays the greatest role in making them aware of goods and services. (Original article available in German here.)

This influence was particularly strong among teenagers, around half of which said TV spots exerted an impact on their purchase decisions.

Marketagent, which surveyed 2,012 people for the poll, also found that daily and weekly newspapers posted a comparative total of 42.1%.

This fell to 24% for magazines, 23.6% for outdoor, 22.7% for radio and 14.8% for cinema.

Turning to digital, email newsletters and similar tools were mentioned by 28% of the panel, with online banner ads some way further back, registering a score of 14.8%.

For specific product categories, food was named as the sector of most interest to participants on 45.8%, ahead of electronics on 39.1%.

Data sourced from Horizon; additional content by Warc staff