MADRID: The number of television ads shown in Spain reached a record high last year, but many of these commercials may not be having the desired impact, a study has argued.

According to estimates from Kantar Media, the research firm, and Zenith Media, the agency network, some 8.2m spots were aired in the country last year.

This constituted an 11.4% increase on the 7.4m commercials that were broadcast over the previous 12 months, and marked a new peak, the companies added.

More specifically, 22,614 ads were shown on an average day, a figure which had grown by 2,319 ads on an annual basis.

The cumulative amount of airtime devoted to these spots also hit 7,583 minutes, measured against 6,824 minutes the previous year.

However, the study warned that a discernible "viewer fatigue" was setting in regarding these messages as the market nears a saturation point.

Moreover, the average audience member was exposed to 66 commercials a day in 2011, down from 67 in 2010, as an increase in inventory was not matched by greater engagement.

Looking back, the analysis reported that 887 minutes of TV spots were broadcast every day in 1994, coming in at 5,059 minutes in 2007, largely thanks to the roll out of digital stations.

By daypart, the number of ads shown during prime time was 67% higher than at any other time of day in 2011.

Data sourced from MarketingDirecto; additional content by Warc staff