Television continues to hold the attention of planet Earth.

A new report by researcher Eurodata TV Worldwide shows average viewing time across the globe rose slightly in 2004 to an average of three hours and seven minutes a day.

Japan heads the league of TV watching nations with an average of five hours per day, while the US is in second place with fours hours and 46 minutes.

China and Sweden are bottom of the league with an average daily viewing time of just two hours 30 minutes.

Regionally, North America tops the bill at four hours 28 minutes per day, a rise of three minutes on 2003.

Europe comes in second with three hours and 35 minutes, although viewers in eastern parts of the continent watch marginally more TV than their western neighbours, with an average of three hours and 43 minutes daily.

The research also confirms the popularity in Europe of live soccer on TV, also 'reality' shows.

Viewing times across the Asia Pacific region fell, relegating it from third in 2003 to last place. The average time dipped by six minutes to two hours 33 minutes in 2004.

Drama was the most popular TV genre across the globe, grabbing 46% of audiences, followed by general entertainment at 36%. News programs scored 18%.

The survey is based on statistics from 72 countries or regions, 2.7 billion viewers and more than 1,200 TV channels.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff