LONDON: Television ad rates are set to experience deflation of 7% in the UK in 2009, but will actually rise by 2% in the US, and by double-digits in China and Russia, according to figures from WARC's latest Global Media Inflation Benchmarks Survey.

Alongside the decline in ad rates, the UK TV industry is also likely to see adspend fall by 7% year-on-year, though this means advertisers will benefit from better value across all channels.

Elsewhere in Europe, Spain will see prices decline by 4% this year after a fall of 3% in 2008, while France and Germany, where adspend is expected to decline by 3–4%, will see television ad rate inflation of 4% and 5% respectively.

Similarly, adspend levels are set to fall by 3% in the US this year, but TV prices will rise by around 2%.

Chinese rates are also due to grow by 12%, with Russia seeing a rise of 16%, and India an uplift of 6%; Japan, by contrast, will see deflation of around 1% and TV adspend decrease by 2%.

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Data sourced from Global Media Inflation Benchmarks Survey