American television networks made sweeping changes to their programming line-ups in response to Tuesday’s events.

Prime-time schedules have been cancelled by all networks until further notice, replaced by non-stop news footage with no ads. It is unclear how long this will last, with NBC announcing that it is updating its programming line-up every 24 hours.

Many networks are thought to be keen to delay the start of the new fall season, scheduled for September 17. NBC has already pushed its Premiere Week back to September 24.

In addition, programmes are being pulled to avoid offence. Fox is replacing Friday’s scheduled episode of the X-Files, which features a building being blown up, with comedy film 9 Months. On Sunday, the same network is pulling an airing of Independence Day, in which the White House is destroyed, in favour of an episode of The Simpsons and There’s Something About Mary.

News sources: Advertising Age - Daily Deadline; NBC website