The TV 'indecency' bandwagon, onto which US neo-puritans and opportunist politicians have gleefully leapt over the last few years, has at last encountered organized opposition.

TV Watch, a new advocacy group backed by major broadcasters and other lobbyists, was launched in New York Wednesday. It's aim: to counter the vociferous claque demanding government censorship of broadcast output.

The new group has some muscular backers, among them Viacom and News Corporation, respectively the parents of CBS and Fox, plus NBC Universal, the US Chamber of Commerce and (this'll raise a few eyebrows) the American Conservative Union.

Says TV Watch executive director of Jim Dyke: "The debate has been dominated by advocates of increased government control. TV Watch speaks for most Americans today ... who want to protect their favorite shows from censorship."

The ensuing battle could provide even better entertainment value than the World Wrestling Federation slamfests.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff