Omnicom-owned below-the-line shop Tequila Payne Stracey has been dealt a severe blow with the imminent departure of three of its top management to start their own agency.

Still serving “significant notice periods”, chief operating officer Jane Asscher, client services director Adam Wylie and creative director Sean Kinmont plan to set-up their new venture early next year.

Comments Tequila chairman Tom Wass: “Obviously I am sorry to lose them; I have been working with them for eight years. My job now is to think about the company. It is an opportunity to bring in fresh talent.” But not in Asscher’s role, which will be covered by Wass himself.

The trawl for a new creative director is under way and two new senior staffers are named: Matthew Atkinson, managing director of Tequila Singapore, is lined-up as a managing partner to assume Wylie's client services role. He will be joined in October by WWAV Rapp Collins’ Gavin Hilton as planning director.

Meantime, Wass continues with his “reboot” of Tequila, started in April: “We looked at how to structure the agency to best manage our clients' business in the future and how to develop digital understanding across the whole agency.”

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)