The US arm of TNS Media Intelligence has launched a new product, Branded Entertainment Reporting Service, which places the UK-headquartered company eyeball-to-eyeball with the Nielsen Product Placement Service.

The newcomer claims to offer an accurate method for measuring the impact of product placements in TV and film, comparing this with branded exposure in other media channels.

According to TNS svp of product and custom services Lori Madeloff, BERS integrates branded-entertainment data into a system that compares it with advertising in eighteen other media options.

Says Madeloff: "[A client] can look either by category or by brand at what they're doing within regular advertising - TV, magazines - and now add in the branded-entertainment slice."

Client companies can also access a BERS website that covers all brands sited in primetime entertainment programming, but also in some cable and daytime output.

But is there room in the US product placement arena for two competing products?

Madeloff believes there is. "Right now everyone has a different way of placing value and doing the integration," she says. "We felt it was more important to do the details … and then our clients can use those to really evaluate their brand."

Although a number of marketers have already started to use the TNS service, Madeloff is cagey about naming them. BERS, meantime, is also under evaluation by several media agencies and mainstream networks.

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff