Hot on the heels of Nielsen Monitor-Plus's US advertising expenditure figures for the first half of the year [WAMN: 01-Sept-05] come statistics produced by TNS Media Intelligence.

Its figures come in at a 4.5% increase over H1 in 2004, slightly lower than Nielsen's 5.7%. TNS says total spend was $70.5 billion (€56.47bn; £38.27bn). The two researchers tally in their findings that Spanish language television and cable TV showed the strongest growth, followed by online adspend.

TNS says domestic automotive was the biggest spending category, showing a 5.1% increase over last year, while the biggest increase in the top ten categories was 19.9%, notched by direct response.

The biggest advertiser in the US was General Motors, according to TNS. It says the car maker spent $4.23bn, a rise of 19.9% over last's year's H1 figures.

The research firm's president and ceo, Steven Fredericks, says the 4.5% growth rate is slightly higher than the company's forecast of 4.1%, and that the figures "demonstrate sustained momentum from the first quarter of the year".

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff