Sympathizers with actors striking for better pay and conditions in broadcast commercials this week hacked into the website of the American Association of Advertising Agencies ( and posted material hyping the players’ case. This featured a headline addressed to advertisers alleging that the Four A’s, together with the Association of National Advertisers, had been "telling you lies about the strike."

The two advertising associations are in the throes of an eleven-week strike battle with members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

O Burtch Drake, president and chief executive of the Four A’s was unamused at the mummer’s performance, on which he had rung-down the curtain: “What was put up has been taken down," he said, adding "we've taken steps" to improve site security.

The while, actors’ unions denied all knowledge of the incident, condemning it as "an irresponsible act" with "absolutely no connection to SAG or AFTRA".

News source: New York Times