Emulating a similar move by Canada last year, Thailand's National Commission for the Control of Tobacco Consumption is urging the Ministry of Public Health to compel cigarette manufacturers to feature photographs of smoking-associated diseases on domestically produced packs. It is also recommending larger health warnings which, together with the graphics, would increase the statutory health warning area on both sides of a pack from the current 30% to 50%.

If the recommendation is accepted, the on-pack pictures would include lung cancers, deformed foetuses, smoker's legs, coronary heart disease and other smoking-related diseases. It would represent yet another draconian step in the Thai government's campaign to curb tobacco consumption. The proposal may beome law within the first half of this year.

In a separate but connected move, the recent Thai government ban against actors smoking on screen has received the support of a forum of popular actors as well as some movie and TV producers. The ban covers all local productions with immediate effect.

Sourced from: Advertising Age - International Daily