ADIDAS SPORTSWEAR went on sale last month at Tesco supermarkets throughout the country at prices up to 40 per cent below those charged at traditional sports shops. The German manufacturer is seriously displeased that its overpriced sportswear is on offer 'next to baked beans and loo-rolls' and advises customers to boycott the bargains, contending: 'Tesco staff do not have specialised knowledge and customers may walk away with ill-fitting clothes. ' Responds Tesco commercial director John Gildersleeve: 'Adidas are bad sports and we want to get our customers running at a price they can afford. ' Consumer affairs minister Nigel Griffiths is four-square behind the supermarket giant: 'I want to cut artificially high prices for the British customer. Selective distribution hits the pockets of the poorest most hard. What Tesco is doing is good news for shoppers - that is my priority. '