Brands or retailers that support a good cause are more likely to retain their teenage customers, according to the second annual Cone/Roper Cause-Related Teen Survey.

The study, commissioned by Omnicom-owned Cone Inc of Boston, was conducted online by New York-based Roper Starch Worldwide. It sampled six hundred America Online users in the 12-17 age group during the period Aug 3-9.

Eighty-nine percent of those sampled said they would be likely to switch their current brand to one that supported a good cause, if price and quality were equal. Similarly, 85% said they would do the same with a retailer on the same basis.

But, prompted by a list of eight factors that might affect their decision to make a purchase, association with good causes was outranked by product quality, although it remained ahead of price, advertising and celebrity endorsement.

The most popular way of finding out about a brand or company’s social commitment were - in order of preference – TV ads, school and then newspaper or magazine ads.

News source: New York Times