THE WORLD’S NO. 2 market research organisation Taylor Nelson AGB [or Taylor Nelson Sofres as it will soon be rebranded] has slipped quietly into the consumer lifestyle survey market. It is currently completing the final test of what it dubs ‘a consumer loyalty model’, a densely packed four-page questionnaire distributed via Royal Mail Household Services in the Anglia region. Branded Family Matters, the package also features special offers from Prima magazine, Mills & Boon, Beefeater and Kodak, plus a £5,000 prize draw into which all respondents are automatically entered. The survey includes sponsored sections for a number of major fmcg manufacturers including Lever Brothers, McVities, Cadbury, Kimberly-Clark and Kelloggs, with a final lifestyle section seeking information on home and family matters. The venture is virtually certain to roll-out nationally in the near future and Taylor Nelson plans to merge much of the data with its SuperPanel information.