SURFING AND SEX could become synonymous as The Sun and The Mirror jump aboard the free Internet services bandwagon. The Sun aims to make a boob or two - in a market sector recently dismissed by Rupert Murdoch as 'heavily over-valued and unlikely to meet profit projections' - with its new service,, cockney rhyming slang for the paper’s title.

In a 12-page promotional pull-out, Sun editor David Yelland trumpeted the venture as 'the people’s portal', offering advice on 'geek speak' and 'netiquette' alongside direct-sell deals on hardware and software. Part-nering the paper in the venture is telemarketing and call centre sister-company Broadsystem Ventures.

The Mirror’s offering, branded [I see 24 a hours a day - geddit?], is a co-venture with Cable & Wireless Communications which will provide the telecoms interface. As ever, The Mirror lags behind its rival - readers must contain themselves until the end of next month when they will be favoured with full details of the venture.