BERLIN: Of the world's top thirty exporting nations, Switzerland is the least prone to offer bribes to foreign buyers, while India tops the plain brown envelope league.

The Bribe Payers Index 2006 is a study published annually by Berlin-headquartered Transparency International, an international organization dedicated to the fight against corruption.

The index is compiled based on the responses of around 11,000 business people in 125 countries to a World Economic Forum survey this year. On a scale where 10 = 'no corruption' and 1 = 'vast corruption', Switzerland scored 7.81 while India scored 4.62.

Other nations thought least likely to offer bribes abroad were Sweden, Australia, Austria, Canada, the UK and Germany - the latter despite a recent admission by DaimlerChrysler to paying bribes in Africa, Asia and eastern Europe. The USA and Belgium tied for joint ninth place.

At the other end of the payola scale are Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, China and India, respectively occupying positions 25-30.

TI is urging wealthy OECD nations to step up enforcement of that organization's anti-bribery convention. "It is hypocritical that OECD-based companies continue to bribe across the globe, while their governments pay lip service to enforcing the law," says TI's ceo, David Nussbaum.

The complete Bribe Payers Index can be downloaded by clicking here.

Data sourced from DW-World (Germany); additional content by WARC staff