For the third successive year, Sweden has been named the country best able to exploit the information revolution, according to the 2002 IDC/World Times Information Society Index.

The survey is based on data from 55 countries, each ranked according to how well it can access and take aboard information and IT infrastructures (based on computer, information, social and online components).

Sweden's continued tenure in the number one spot reflects high levels of investment in IT and education, plus the development of technology 'clusters' – Wireless Valley and Telematics Valley, for example.

Swedes enjoy some of the lowest telecom rates and the highest mobile phone and broadband penetrations in Europe, plus competitive corporate costs and the fastest-growing venture capital sector in the world.

The top ten, with last year's position in parentheses:

1. Sweden (1)
2. Norway (2)
3. Switzerland (7)
4. USA (4)
5. Denmark (5)
6. Netherlands (10)
7. UK (6)
8. Finland (3)
9. Australia (8)
10. Taiwan (18)

Bringing up the rear were Egypt, China, India, Indonesia and, placed 55, Pakistan.

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online;; additional content by WARC staff