LONDON: Over two-thirds of British users of Facebook object to ads appearing on its mobile app, according to an online survey on behalf of Adblock Plus, the content-filtering company.

In addition to the 69% who said they dislike these ads, the survey of 2,244 people, conducted by Censuswide, also found 66% do not like ads in their Facebook news feed.

Tailored online advertising fared less badly with 51% of respondents saying they believe online ads invaded their privacy, but a mere 3% said they actively liked Facebook ads.

The results would appear to back Adblock Plus's contention that ads appearing in Facebook news feeds and through mobile apps interfere too much with users' experience, and market research has shown that 74% of users would appreciate software that blocks unwanted ads.

Till Faida, founder of Adblock Plus, warned that although it may seem intuitive that people will stick with a platform where their friends are, they may choose to either alter their experience or move to a new platform altogether.

He said: "It is easy to forget quite how much control end users have over social media and how untested their customer loyalty is."

Suggesting that social media could learn from traditional advertising mediums, where there is a far higher degree of acceptance, he said "for example, our research also shows that 63% of people are not bothered at all by advertising in print magazines".

Data sourced from, GoMobile News; additional content by Warc staff