If you want to target 18-34 year-old European city dwellers, advertise in the freesheets. That's the message of a recent survey by market researcher TNS Gallup.

The study of 24,000 people shows that the coveted demographic is shunning paid-for newspapers in favour of free papers such as London's Metro.

Of those who live in a European city where free papers are available, half read a free newspaper at least once a week, while nearly a quarter read one every day.

Importantly, almost one in three read only free papers each week, with 23% also reading a paid-for title. Less than half read only a paid-for paper every week.

The survey also examined worldwide youth lifestyle and social trends and revealed that while Parisians top the list for mobile phone ownership (at 90%), they lag far behind their Far Eastern counterparts in enthusiasm for electronic devices. Just 60% of Parisian youth owns a DVD player, compared with 81% in New York and 83% in Hong Kong.

Data sourced from: Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff