LONDON: The European Interactive Advertising Association yesterday published its 2008 Mediascope survey, based on a pan-European sample of over 9,000 respondents 

Among its findings: 178 million Europeans are online each week, with over half (51%) doing so in the evenings – a significant rise from last year's 13%.

It seems that online research by consumers now plays a disruptive role in relation to brand loyalty. The study found that following online research, 41% of European surfers admitted to changing their mind about the brand they were planning to buy.

Moreover, based on the results of their research, users' conversion from 'consideration' to product purchase reached a staggering 87%. Many respondents agreed that the internet "gives me a greater choice of products and services and access to important information resources".

Says EIAA chairman Michael Kleindl: "The growing accessibility of the internet and its adaptability and potential to develop in line with changing consumer wants and needs has been a key driver of growth in recent years.

"For advertisers, it is important to gain an understanding of the ways in which Europeans are responding and engaging online in order to effectively target them within this evolving medium."

Data sourced from M&M Global; additional content by WARC staff