Tesco, Britain's largest supermarket chain with over 30% market share, also tops the nation's consumer brand pops according to BrandIndex, an evaluation of more than 1,100 UK brands based on 30,000 online interviews.

The questionnaire asks respondents to rate brands by the following criteria:

  • 'Buzz'
  • General impression
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Satisfaction
  • Recommendation
  • Corporate reputation.

    In terms of consumer perceptions these are the UK's top brands (score in parentheses) ...
    1. Tesco (41)
    2. Nokia (38)
    3. Cadbury (37)
    4. Sony (36)
    5. Marks & Spencer (34)
    6. Waterstones bookstores(32)
    7. Sainsbury's (32)
    8. Boots (32)
    9. Duracell (32)
    10. Fairy (31).
    At the other end of the spectrum languish unloved brands such as Bernard Matthews (frozen poultry products), Alba (consumer electronics), 118 188 (directory services), McDonalds, Panda Pops (frozen confectionery), and Sunny Delight (orange-flavoured drink).

    According to Stephan Shakespeare, joint ceo of market research agency YouGov.com, creator of BrandIndex, it will give brand owners and investors "real-time access to consumer perceptions", helping them react quickly "to limit damage and maximise opportunities".

    Data sourced from MrWeb.com (UK); additional content by WARC staff