Watching television is still a major part of American life, according to a new survey. Unfortunately for advertisers, watching commercials is not.

A US-wide poll of 1000 adults from TV-owning households discovered that 36% switch on their television set within 15 minutes of getting home, while 37% could not last more than two days without watching.

But this zeal does not extend to the ad breaks. Some 52% admitted to leaving the room when the commercials started.

Americans often do other things while watching TV. These activities include eating (53%), talking on the phone (23%), paying bills (12%) and using computers (6%).

Other findings include:

• 68% watch TV with other people
• 25% watch news shows most frequently
• 45% subscribe to digital TV
• 7% watch for more than eleven hours at a time
• 22% watch without the lights on
• 4% know what all the buttons on their remote controls do
• 1% watch naked

The research was commissioned by satellite television operator DirecTV and conducted by Angell Research Group.

Data sourced from: (USA); additional content by WARC staff