SINGAPORE: Brands with the best stories to tell are like "good news that travel fast", Mark Tutssel, chief creative officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide, told the recent Spikes Asia conference.

Comedy, Tragedy, Overcoming the Monster, Voyage and Return, Quest, Rags to Riches and Rebirth are the seven main storylines available to both marketers and fiction writers, he said, and the list is unlikely to lengthen any time soon.

In another session, Rodney Fitch, chairman of the legendary Fitch design company, told delegates that Asia had lost out to Western design in terms of its overall gross domestic product, but he felt that the balance was now shifting back again.

While 200 years ago, the West and Asia each accounted for 50% of the world's total GDP, this had markedly shifted towards western nations following the aftermath of the industrial revolution.

Although it is expected that by 2020, Asia will once again be on a par with the West in global GDP terms, the continent's brands - which currently account for only 10% of the world's top ten - still had some catching up to do.

"The key question is: are you content to have P&G or do you want to create P&G?” asked Fitch. "Do you make or do you create?"

Data sourced from Brand Republic; additional content by WARC staff