Disgraced US style icon Martha Stewart, currently serving a five-month jail sentence, will not be best pleased by developments in the appeal against her conviction.

The founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will have heard in her jail cell during Thanksgiving how government prosecutors told a federal appeals court that "overwhelming evidence" supported the guilty verdict.

Stewart, who will probably have completed her sentence by the time the court rules, says she is going through with the process to clear her name over the conviction for obstructing justice and lying to the US government about her sale of shares in ImClone Systems.

Lawyers for Stewart say prosecutors at the trial improperly suggested she was charged with insider trading and that they misled the jury.

But, counter the prosecutors: "The only party relentlessly seeking to introduce the subject of insider trading was Stewart, not to rebut anything the government was doing, but as part of a defense strategy."

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff