Style Empress Martha Stewart, whose next assignment is a decidedly dowdy five month prison sentence for lying to the US government, has re-contracted for five years with her exploitation corporation, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

This will provide $900,000 (€734,334; ₤499,140) annual consolation for the media maven who is scheduled to check into a federal prison on October 8. Under the MSLO deal Stewart is officially anointed founder and chief editorial and media director, although a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission states that no salary will be paid during her incarceration.

Stewart's annual $900k salary will be nicely rounded-up to the $1 million mark by guaranteed 'non-accountable' expenses of $100k, this latter pittance being handed to her in a lump sum when she leaves Uncle Sam's hospitality.

Her rehabilitation will further eased by perquisites such as cars and drivers to be used at her discretion and reibursement for business, travel and entertainment expenses.

The filing also reveals that Stewart already has received a $200,000 payment under the employment agreement, 'in consideration of the continued services of the founder as on-air talent for television and radio programs of the company'.

As Byron's Don Juan observed: 'And, after all, what is a lie? 'Tis but the truth in masquerade.'

Data sourced from USA Today; additional content by WARC staff