LONDON: Starbucks, Google and the BBC are among the brands receiving the highest levels of "buzz" on Twitter, the microblogging website, according to a study by Jam, the social media agency, and Revolution magazine.

While many brands have proved keen to increase their involvement with social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the exact form their presence should take has also proved difficult to establish.

Based on research conducted over a three-day period early last month, Jam and Revolution found that Starbucks was mentioned some 3.37 million times on Twitter, while its @Starbucks account also had a total of 120,868 "followers".

Google was in second place, with 1.01 million references on the site over the same period, although the search giant did have a higher number of registered users tracking its posts, at 307,342.

The BBC, in third, recorded just over 700,000 mentions, while its @bbc newsfeed had considerably fewer followers, at 15,777 overall.

Apple was in fourth, with just over 500,000 mentions, with AIG, the ailing insurance firm, in fifth with 455,000, but neither of these two companies had an official presence on the social media portal.

In all, some 15 branded properties received over 100,000 mentions during the period under assessment, with Amazon, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Ford and Sony's PlayStation all among this group.

However, more than half of the brands in the top 100 in terms of "buzz" did not operate an account on Twitter, although over 60% of the top 20 did.

While the top ten brands averaged over 260,000 mentions each, this figure declined to 94,722 for the proceeding ten places in the rankings, and to 48,000 for the top 100 as a whole.

Further evidence of a "long tail" was demonstrated by the fact that this total fell by over 50% for the bottom half of the rankings compared with the top 50.

Data sourced from Brand Republic; additional content by WARC staff