News Corporation's Asian television arm Star Group is relying on its successful India business to drive forward its operations in the absence of many encouraging signs from China, reports the Financial Times.

However, the company, led by ceo Michelle Guthrie, is not planning to pull out of the potentially vast market, despite it being unlikely that Chinese operations will make "any significant contribution to profits in the next one or two years".

Claims Guthrie: "The end game is not to make a dollar, but to build a viable business in terms of creativity and revenue opportunities."

Star, which operates in 58 countries across the region, believes it must hang on in China, despite NewsCorp chairman Rupert Murdoch's frustrations at the "brick wall" of regulatory restrictions erected by the authorities.

Adds Guthrie: "We can't take the position, as some foreign media companies have, that we won't be in China potentially for the next five years. If we tried to do that and then tried get in at a later date, we'd really be doing it from a standing. I don't think it's an option to significantly reduce that investment because it's one for the future."

Data sourced from Financial Times Online; additional content by WARC staff