MADRID: A majority of Spanish shoppers believe they have been affected by "misleading" advertising, according to an EU report.

The Department of Consumer Affairs, part of the European Commission, surveyed adults across the region to gain an insight into this area.

Overall, 60% of Spanish and Finnish respondents report previously being duped by disingenuous advertising claims, easily beating the 43% continental norm.

Such communications typically include statements like "free" and "all inclusive", when in fact the relevant goods and services do not meet these criteria.

"Over 60% of consumers have been affected, and the 20 points we received above the European average concerns me," said Etelvina Andreu, director general, consumer affairs, at the Spanish ministry of health, social affairs and equality.

"It demonstrates that we are doing something wrong."

Elsewhere, ratings reached 49% in Germany, 41% among the French sample, 38% regarding British contributors, and 25% for the Italians polled.

Data sourced from El Economista; additional content by Warc staff