Here’s a new toy for your creatives to play with!

Emails that yacketty-yak sales messages complete with video background. And as with alcohol and aspirin, this will prove as beneficial (or detrimental) to humankind as the uses to which it is put.

The latest sales tool to hit the web is OneTalk Publisher, which enables marketers to use quality audio and video content to create high impact email campaigns, banner ads or websites.

The content is incorporated directly into the email, banner or website and no standalone viewer is needed. According to the vendor, Talkway Communications, over 96% of all computer users can view OneTalk content without downloading a standalone player or changing their computer setup.

The delivery technology allows content to play on any Java-enabled computer, while Talkway’s CODEC minimizes the audio and video content size, resulting in very fast downloads. Nor are most firewalls a problem because the content looks like standard HTTP protocol.

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Data sourced from: New York Times; additional content by WARC staff