MADRID: Spanish tablet users are enthusiastic dual screeners, with social networking and surfing the internet the most popular activities undertaken while watching television, particularly during news programs, research has shown.

A study by the Mobile Marketing Association and advertising network MuchoMove, reported by Marketing News, found that 68% of tablet-using respondents had looked at social media sites while watching TV, and 46% had searched or surfed the internet. Around a third had also played games (38%) or sent emails (32%).

Other actions were small but growing, said the report, including online shopping and interaction with the TV shows themselves.

Those surveyed were most likely to be using their tablets while watching new programs (53%), followed at some distance by sports (33%), reality shows (20%) and movies (27%).

During a typical 30-minute program, most users looked at their tablet only once (36%) or maybe two or three times (38%). But a minority were much more heavily engaged, with 13% looking between four and six times, 5% between seven and nine times and 8% more than ten times.

Younger users, those aged 25 to 34, were the most likely (43%) to interact with their tablets during programs.

The study also examined length of time spent on tablets while dual-screening. Most users (41%) were spending between one and five minutes, while 29% were there for less than 60 seconds.

Again, a significant minority were much more engaged, with 20% using their tablets for between five and ten minutes during a 30-minute show. A further 7% used the device for ten to twenty minutes and 4% for even longer.

Three quarters were looking on the internet for information about the program they were watching at the time, while 42% indicated they wanted to find out more about a brand they had just seen in an advertising break.

The study further said that 51% of respondents had purchased a product as a result of advertising seen on TV, of which 47% had done so through their tablets.

Data sourced from Marketing News; additional content by Warc staff