When it comes to the worldwide promotion of a national tourist destination, it's unusual to see the marketing of that account handled by any agency outside the global big six holding companies - let alone a small local shop six thousand miles distant from its client.

Quite an achievement then for Trigger, a South African multi-disciplinary agency, to collar the global direct marketing account for VisitBritain. In a four way pitch against three UK-based agencies, Trigger won the day with its Dynamic Positioning Model - a new system of profiling consumers and generating consumer relationships using digital marketing tools.

DPM harnesses indirect consumer profiling techniques, referral marketing, internet and GSM technologies to create customer databases for ongoing multimedia direct marketing initiatives.

VisitBritain's remit is to market Britain to the rest of the world and England to the British. But why Trigger - and why a marketing partner at the opposite end of the globe?

Explains VisitBritain's CRM manager of international marketing Dejon Yeoman: "They understand the intricacies of effective viral marketing techniques and their core skills mirror our need for accurate consumer insight for the deployment of effective direct marketing campaigns. Furthermore, their creative product is world-class."

Trigger managing director Gavin Rooke is more at home with the fundamentals: "A core component of our proposed solution was the development of a digital workflow system that enables regional offices to remotely customise English language campaigns to their specific needs.

"The workflow system serves as a structured communication channel between all regional offices, VisitBritain's central London office, and Trigger in South Africa."

Trigger's DPM system is also currently deployed by such multinational clients as First National Bank, Visa, Nike and Japan Tobacco International.

Data sourced from Bizcom (South Africa); additional content by WARC staff