Time frittered while Sir Martin Sorrell tried to duck out of WPP Group’s £434 million bid for Tempus Group, is now being atoned for – with a vengeance.

Just twenty-one days after bowing to the inevitable [WAMN: 07-Nov-01], Sorrell has set the date of January 1 for completion of Tempus' integration with its own shop, The Media Edge. The Augean task of complying with Sir Martin’s command has been handed to Fiona McAnena, chief executive of Tempus’s main operating unit CIA Medianetwork.

Panted McAnena: “We had a meeting last week to compare notes and talk about how we would work together. It was very constructive.” The only hurdle to integration, she admitted, is the delicate matter of who moves into whose offices.

“That was always going to be a bit sensitive,” she said. “The truth is, no decision has been made. We could move into either. We may not all be in one building by the end of the year but we certainly want to have thrashed out all the main points.”

News source: MediaGuardian.co.uk