Sony remains America’s ‘best brand’, retaining the title for the fourth consecutive year, according an annual survey by Harris Interactive.

The Best Brands poll asked 879 Americans what three marques they considered to be ‘best’. Responses were spontaneous, not drawn from a pre-supplied list of products.

Japanese electronics giant Sony was one of four technology firms in the top eleven; five were consumer and packaged goods companies; and two auto firms.

The leading brands (last year’s position in brackets) were:

1 Sony (1)
2 Kraft (4)
3 Dell (2)
4 General Motors (10)
5 Microsoft (new entry)
6 Ford (3)
7 Coca-Cola (5)
8 Procter & Gamble (new entry)
9 Kellogg’s (new entry)
10 (equal) General Electric (6)
10 (equal) Pepsi Cola (7)

Two brands from last year’s top ten failed to make it this year: Tide and Honda.

Harris noted the strong link between a firm’s reputation and the rating of its brands – indeed, all of this year’s top brands are also company names. Respondents were asked whether company reputation was important in making the product they had chosen a top brand; for each of the top eleven, between 65% and 90% replied that it was.

Further details of the survey can be found at the Harris website.

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; additional content by WARC staff