NEW YORK: Ad-skipping DVR users in the US are being increasingly targeted by marketers eager to gain their attention and steer them away from the fast-forward button.

Sony Electronics has just launched a $13 million (€10m; £6.9m) commercial for its Bravia brand LCD televisions which allows viewers to choose different endings -but only if they are using a DVR.

DVR technology, such as TiVo is expected to be in 18% of US homes by the end of this year, according to Nielsen Media Research.

This simple prediction is convincing advertisers they must be more creative to reach consumers, says Chris Fawcett, Sony Electronics' director of corporate marketing.

Avers Brad Brinegar, ceo of Havas McKinney + Silver, which made the Sony ad: "If you engage [consumers], they will reward you with their attention."

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff