NEW YORK: Brands seeking to reach moms in the US should consider utilising social networks, as members of this audience are becoming increasingly engaged with platforms like Facebook.

Performics, a unit of Publicis Groupe, surveyed nearly 3,000 active social network users, and found mothers were 16% more likely to visit Facebook every day than women without children, standing at 46% for Google+.

This comparative figure also hit 75% when it came to regarding the information they received from companies through social media channels as being trustworthy.

Similarly, scores in terms of purchase intent after being recommended goods and services on social sites were 45% higher for mothers, coming in at 54% for apparel and 64% for automobiles.

"Moms continue to take advantage of the little spare time they have by utilizing all the tools at their disposal. This includes their mobile devices and social networks," Daina Middleton, global CEO of Performics, said.

"Increasingly, as a segment of the social networking population, moms perception is their voice can be leveraged to influence, participate with, and promote brands."

Equivalent advantages applied to word of mouth, with moms 34% more likely than other female users of these properties to recommend companies and brands via this route.

There was also a 48% higher incidence of mothers discussing products after consuming ads through another channel, standing at 24% for linking to ads and 53% for directly posting this material online.

Moreover, moms typically delivered content that was either "interesting" or "relevant" to marketers 50% more often than the norm, the analysis argued.

"Brands have an opportunity to motivate moms to participate through their social media properties," said Middleton.

"In this age of participation, moms expect a constructive, two-way relationship. To stay current, build loyalty and, in many cases, drive sales, brands must provide that meaningful connection with their customers."

Data sourced from Performics; additional content by Warc staff