CHARLOTTE, NC: Website visitors who come from social sharing or a social network spend $126.12 on average compared to $116.55 spent by non-socially engaged users, according to a recent report.

That means social and on-site sharing drives 8.2% more spend, but not all social networks convert the same and some social platforms, such as Facebook, are far more effective at generating revenue than others.

These are some of the key findings from AddShoppers, a social marketing apps platform, which examined 10,000 ecommerce websites that used its platform in 2014 and the accompanying data from 304 million unique users.

The average share leads to $2.56 of sales, the report said, but a share's worth very much depends on the site's category – for example, Apparel is more "social" than Medical – and revenue per share varies widely across the sources.

A share via email generates $12.41 per email whereas each pin from Pinterest is worth just $0.67. Google+ is worth $5.62 per share while the report calculates each tweet to be worth $1.03.

While Facebook's share is valued at just $0.80 per Facebook share, sheer volume makes it by far the most popular social platform (73.68%) and it is also top for driving revenue (69.1%).

Twitter and Pinterest also perform respectably as platforms for driving revenue and popularity. Twitter generates 12.11% of revenue and, at 10.1%, is the second most popular platform.

Meanwhile, Pinterest drives 7.73% of revenue and is narrowly behind Twitter in terms of popularity (9.87%).

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also rate highly for driving traffic to a site, the report found.

In terms of clicks per share, Facebook came top with 1.10 per share, followed by StumbleUpon (0.98 per share), Twitter (0.97 per tweet), Wanelo (0.94 per share) and, in fifth place, Pinterest (0.87 per pin).

Finally, the report said the top five store types that are shared most often are Apparel & Clothing, Entertainment & Media, General Merchandise, Electronics, and Home & Garden.

Data sourced from Addshoppers; additional content by Warc staff