BERLIN: Consumer engagement levels with social networks are continuing to rise in Germany, according to new analysis.

BITKOM, a body representing the IT, telecoms and new media industry, commissioned research firm Forsa to survey 708 respondents aged 14 years old or more, and who regularly use sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It reported that 11% of the panel could be defined as "heavy users", dedicating at least two hours a day to these Web 2.0 properties.

Among female participants, the share of "heavy users" rose to 13%, measured against the total of 8% recorded by their male counterparts.

Uptake was also more pronounced when looking at contributors under 30 years old, but declined dramatically for those who were 50 years old and above.

More broadly, a third of the social media audience were active on these platforms for a minimum of an hour a day.

A similar proportion spent less than 60 minutes utilising such portals on a daily basis, or else did not commit this amount of time to the same sites in the course of a week.

Figures stood at five hours per day for the most engaged 1%, the study added.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff