LONDON: The number of consumers logging on to social networks and blogs from a mobile phone has increased by over 40% during the last year in some of Europe's biggest markets, new figures show.

According to comScore, the research firm, 55.1m mobile users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK visited these sites from their handset in September 2011.

This marked a 44% annual lift, and equated to 23.5% of the entire mobile audience. Some 46.8% of people engaging in such an activity, or 25.8m consumers, also did so every day.

More specifically, the number of users accessing blogs and platforms like Facebook through their phone on a daily basis climbed 66% year on year.

Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe's vice president, mobile, argued this statistic demonstrated social networking is becoming "even more ingrained into people's daily mobile lives."

"As social networks continue to invest in improving the user experience on mobile devices and tablets, it will be interesting to see how social behaviours on the mobile platform further evolve," he added.

During September, 31.3m users logged on to social networks and blogs from a mobile browser, a 31% increase on 12 months ago. Additionally, 24.2m signed in through an app, a 101% jump in the same period.

Facebook's mobile audience grew by 54% compared with September 2010, hitting 39m people. Twitter saw a 115% improvement to 8.6m, Tuenti, a Spanish service, was up 58% to 2.3m, and LinkedIn witnessed a 134% expansion to 2.2m.

The most popular pastimes among the mobile social network population were reading posts from personal contacts with a 73.6% uptake rate, making status updates on 61.6% and following website links on 49.1%.

Elsewhere, 44.3% users read comments from companies, brands or event organisers, 41.6% did the same for celebrities and public figures, 35.1% added links to websites and 26.7% accessed coupons and deals.

Overall, 40.1% of consumers across the five markets assessed used a smartphone in September, peaking at 46.9% in the UK, versus a low of 33% in Germany.

Another 34.5% of subscribers utilised applications and 35% had employed an internet browser during the month, scores again surpassing 40% in the UK to reach a regional high and falling to the lowest levels in Germany.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff